General Information

After having completed projects in many regions of the world, we have the necessary worldwide presence and experience to help you capitalize on opportunities in the US, UK and European market.

We deliver sustainable procurement value through cost savings, high quality and excellent service so that you can focus on scaling your business and launching new products.

We can help you with:

  • Discovering market opportunities
  • Making informed buying decisions
  • Conducting effective negotiations
  • Clarifying supply chain risks
  • Rapidly scaling global sourcing capabilities
  • Rescuing failing procurement operations
  • Managing procurement operations for localization requirements

What We Provide

Thanks to years of experience, we have the necessary knowledge to develop and sell products in many different countries.

We provide fast and precise product development.

We develop branding and marketing strategies as needed.

We optimize the manufacturer's cost and provide competitive market advantage by setting up automation projects when necessary.

We provide support in the execution of the necessary certification processes (including kosher, food safety, CE and FDA processes).

We ensure that the product is listed on the desired markets as quickly as possible.

We use our logistics infrastructure strategically by taking into consideration the sales channel.




Market Intelligence

The globalization of markets comes with increased risks and opportunities. To sustain a competitive advantage, it is necessary to consistently integrate both global and local data. We closely monitor market conditions for improved supply chain strategies and, thorough sourcing and procurement, obtain insights to glean actionable data, lower costs, reduce risks and support your success as a market leader.

In order to deliver value to the business, it is critical to have insight into the current costs and market dynamics of key sectors and raw materials as well as potential market risks. With such a significant number of information sources available, we quickly filter out what is relevant and reliable to support effective decision making. We can provide you with competitive insights, from market analysis to strategy development.

Supplier Management

We evaluate the supplier’s capabilities based on your specifications and budget. Then, we evaluate the credibility of the suppliers to see if they have the infrastructure, know-how, certifications, and policies to supply the product according to their proposal. We consider the risks by conducting an extensive assessment of the supplier to ascertain any factors that might jeopardize the supplier’s ability to deliver according to your requirements.

We can recommend a supplier who meets your needs based on an assessment of factors relevant to the specific product category and industry, and our industry expertise helps us negotiate and prepare the optimum agreement between you and the supplier, with strict liabilities for non-performance.

We regularly monitor the supply process and assess product quality to ensure that the agreed-upon standards of quality and delivery are being adhered to and report on the performance of the suppliers to ensure they comply with their obligations.

Strategic Sourcing

We perform strategic sourcing analysis and provide you with general cost estimates to meet your requirements.

We assist you with evaluating your expectations for success based on detailed research on operational, economic and legal feasibility.

Benefits Delivered

Improved supply quality & reliability

With our sourcing and manufacturing expertise, we understand what your customers are looking for and work tirelessly to ensure that standard. Our team delivers high-quality services and provides our clients with transparent, frequent updates at every step of the way.

Increased productivity

Our end-to-end process enables increased productivity, which leads to reduced operating costs.

Reduced supply chain risk

We aim to minimize risks and ensure sustainability. Through our objective and rigorous sourcing process, we help our clients comply with requirements, follow international legislation, and increase supplier standards.

Increased business engagement and alignment

A key factor in our success is engaging stakeholders from the beginning to ensure their expectations are truly understood and the sourcing model aligns with the operating model.

Why to source and buy in Turkey?

With its mostly young population which brings a significant advantage in providing labor and its geographical position make Turkey a unique place for sourcing and buying. Turkey is the 16th largest economy in the World and especially after 1995, after signing European Union – Turkey Customs Union agreement, which allows Turkey to do free-trade within the EU market, Turkey has become not only a regional power but also a globally recognized economic power.

Exports from Turkey have increased over the years. In December 2019, with 6.4 percent increase, export volume has reached $ 14.69 billion.[1] Turkey has various different types of export products. Products of textile, automotive, iron and steel, chemicals and pharmaceutical take the first place in Turkey’s export list. Turkey mainly partners with European Union Countries, United States and Russia in exporting.

Even though there have been so many political problems going on around Turkey since 2010 with the movements of Arab Uprising, Turkey has coped with the effects of these movements very well thanks to its strong economy and political stability. The country is located in between two continents, Asia and Europe. Therefore, Turkey is not only a bridge between these two continents but also a transfer point for energy with its pipelines.

From its developing economy to young population, geographical location to political stability Turkey has so many different advantages and opportunities in sourcing and buying.

Our years of experience in the market will provide you the correct information about where and what to buy, and finding the right supplier for your trade.