Who we are

Who We Are

Our goal is to bring to your company the expertise in customer service, logistics, manufacturing, product development and licensing collaborations we have gained over a decade in the confectionery industry.

Over our years of experience, we have provided a range of services for numereous transnational brands and chain stores, such as sourcing, product development and licensing collaborations which increase the brand exposure and provide rapid market penetration bypassing many challenges in target markets, and we look forward to sharing this expertise with our potential customers.

Due to its currency advantage and high capacity manufacturers, Turkey has the capability of producing high quality packaged products and many other items at reasonable prices.

By combining this competitive advantage with product development know-how, our team has the ability to create unique products, monitor them during the production-logistics-distribution cycle, and make any necessary improvements.

In this regard, we not only take care of sourcing and product development but also add value to your business by following the life cycle of the product and launching it on the market.

After having completed projects in many regions of the world, we have the necessary worldwide presence and experience to help you capitalize on opportunities in the US, UK and European market.

We deliver sustainable procurement value through cost savings, high quality and excellent service so that you can focus on scaling your business and launching new products.

From its developing economy to young population, geographical location to political stability Turkey has so many different advantages and opportunities in sourcing and buying. Our years of experience in the market will provide you the correct information about where and what to buy, and finding the right supplier for your trade.

Please contact us for more information about opportunities in Turkey.